Some rules associated with Roulette

Since 1843 the game of single-zero roulette has been in place. The game was named the little wheel at that time and has gained the attention of numerous audiences with its wheel and low house edge. You can enjoy roulette on popular websites such as mega888. There are some rules that are associated with roulette too, just like any other casino game. If you enter the game without knowing about it then you will get something that you can call as bad luck.

Here are the simple rules of Roulette that you should follow:

Rules of roulette:

  1. Do not ignore the rules: it is easy to learn about the rules of the game. You can learn about it from online resources and learn the game within one or two days as well. But you should research some etiquette tips before you enter the casino.
  2. Do not be inconsiderate to others: this is another important casino etiquette. You should be considerate towards casino employees as well as guests present around you.
  3. Do not play games of double zero: single zero roulette is popularly known as European Roulette and is a chosen game for players because here the house edge is around half as compared to the game of double zero i.e. American roulette. In the earlier one, the house edge is around 2.7% and on tables that have a surrender, the house edge is -1.4%.
  4. Do not place bets that are straight up if you have the option of surrender: if you are playing European roulette then choose the option of end prison or surrender. If you get this option in the game, then do not place wagers of straight-up type on one single number. This is because the house edge would become double steep as compared to a bet with even-money.
  5. Do not place a bet of five-numbers: you get this option of the five-numbers bet only on wheels of double-zero type. If you are placing the bet on the five numbers then it covers up numbers such as 1,2, 0, 00, and 3. Here the house edge for the bet is highest as compared to any other roulette version.
  6. Do not believe in cold and hot streaks: the game of roulette is quite streaky and similar to craps. Here the streaks of losses and wins are common. Do not expect yourself to be lucky even after winning a few streaks.

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