Understand the Poker rules before you start play

Many people confuse it to differ due to the small differences that are visible in the video poker option. This is not entirely true. The rules of online poker are exactly the same, only the settings are digitized. The online version is just virtualization of the game. The configuration, although the same, is no longer in the hands of the group player. The cards are practically shuffled and randomly selected. This means that the dealer has no real control over the cards.

There are many websites that have several rooms in which you can participate. The rooms have a minimum purchase amount and, as a rule, a fixed blind rate, ante and a minimum rate. Depending on the amount of chips you have, you can join the room that is most suitable for you and go to the High Roller table after winning.

In this game, the winning hands are the same as in the regular game:

Royal flush, straight flush, four, full house, straight flush, straight, three, two pairs, a pair and a high card.This is a hierarchy in this particular order. Among all the hands, the oldest on the list wins the pot. But what happens when there are two identical hands? Who will win then? And who decides? In games like domino qiu qiu, ties are very common. The reason for this is that the winning combination depends largely on the cards on the board, and not on the cards that are closed. The cards on the board are those 5 cards that are open on the table, and the cards that are closed are the 2 cards that each player has.

In most cases, when two players have the same high hand, it is necessary to analyze the cards they have. This means that, for example, if two players have a color in which one has 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 diamonds and the other has 7, 8, 9, 10, J diamonds, then the highest card of the first Shooter is 9 and seconds – J, then the second hand wins the game.

In any case, only 5 cards are used to assess the strength of the hand. Therefore, if two hands are exactly the same, then the bank amount will be divided in two ways. It is important to remember that in no case will the sixth card be used to break a draw. If the bank has an odd number of chips, the player closest to the dealer will receive an additional chip. This applies to any number of winning hands, that is, the bank must be divided equally for each winning player.

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