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When we heard or read the word “Casino”, we always think of a very big place with good facilities, services, good food, fine drinks and most especially all the people that went there to play the games inside and earn more money called “gamblers”. But what’s really inside the casino? It’s like an indoor paradise with its beautiful ambiance, colorful surroundings and wide area of operations, that’s why most of the gamblers are always go to this place just to play and have some fun on their spare time. But not most of them are going home with the same smile they are wearing when they are entering the place and the travel time of going back home makes them feel unpleasant.

Today, most of the games that land-based casino have can now play in an online environment. They call it “Online Gambling” or “Online Casino”, where people can still play the games they used to play in the casino, but this time, it’s more convenient and less hassle for them. By the use of modern technology nowadays, they already converted different kinds and types of games into a software or application that can be downloaded on any mobile devices. Most of the games you can see that everyone can play now on their mobile gadgets are card games.


Any game that uses a card as their primary tool for playing is called a “Card game”. Despite having a long history, card games are still one of the on-demand casino games around today. In the past years, we experienced socializing and go out at night just to go to casinos, but right now, the casino is in the small device that mostly living in our hands called online casino. Most of the card games are converted and now ready to play in an online way. These are the list of the card games that can now play on our mobile devices:

  • Blackjack – There is no question that this game is one of the most popular casino card games whether in a land-based or online playing.
  • Baccarat – Also known as “Punto Banco”, is a high stakes game. One of the most traditional card games.
  • Poker – This game has many other variants to play with. But the most popular that you can play online is the Texas Hold’em.

Our technology that brought life to the online gambling introduced us to the popularity of betting of online card games, like Aduqq.

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