Rules Of The Most Exciting Sic Bo Online Game

There are several entertaining games in gambling. However, the ones that enjoy the highest level of popularity are usually those that are easy to learn. One such simple and famous gambling game is the ไฮโลออนไลน์. It is a simple dice-based game that has a large market in Asian casinos. It is available on online gambling platforms too. You can play the ไฮโลออนไลน์ได้เงินจริง.

The basics of Sic-Bo game

The dealer has three dice. He tosses them into a chest. Before he reveals the outcome, you can bet on a combination from a table that is spread out in front of you. He then reveals the numbers on the dice. If the combination matches with what you placed your bet on, you win. The game has no complicated rules and depends on chance. Thus, it enjoys popularity among gamblers, especially the newbies.

The different bets

To understand the sicbo game table, one must know the types of the bets and the respective pay-outs for the same.

  • If you bet on the sum of the dice which falls between 11 and 17, it is called the big bet. This bet does not include three numbers appearing together.
  • Betting on the sum that falls between 4 and 10 is called the small bet. Like the previous once, even here triples are excluded.
  • Another type is to bet whether the sum will be even or odd.
  • You can bet that a specific number will appear on two of the dice or all three dice.

These are just a few popular bets. The table consists of several other bets with different probabilities and pay-out rates. The usual pay-out rate for the big bet, small bet, even and odd bets are 1:1. The casino/website fixes the rates for the other bets.

Sic Bo Online Game

Have a better shot at winning

You have now familiarized yourself with the game. But the real deal lies in the strategy which will help you to win bets. That’s the whole point of gambling, right?! Let us now look at afew strategies that you can apply in your sicbo game.

  • Start small

If you are newly starting, do not place bets on the risky areas right away. You can make a calculated bet based on probabilities. The small, big, even and odd bets are considered the safest bets. They have the highest probability of winning. However, these bets have the lowest pay-out rates as well. Do not look for big wins at the beginning itself. Take your time to study the outcomes and gradually increase your bets.

  • Do not place several bets

Casinos – both online and offline allow gamblers to bet on more than one area at the same time. That will maximize your chances of winning many bets at the same time. The downside is it may also result in you facing multiple bets! While it may be tempting to place bets on too many areas on the table, it is too risky.

The ไฮโลออนไลน์ game is popular mainly due to ease of play. You do not risk losing too much if you bet on some areas of the table, while on others; the pay-out rate is explosive! Thus, it is a perfect game for both newcomers and seasoned gamblers.

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