Real online roulette: is it fun?

 I have always loved casinos, although I am not a big fan of gambling, I always play roulette there. But can a real online roulette match the experience of a real casino? This is actually possible, but in a slightly different way: many people also find that visiting the casino is quite scary at first, and if you play online roulette, you can learn the rules at your own pace.

Everyone who loves to play knows what is the buzzing that you get when your horse wins, your number appears or you draw a big hand. You can enjoy all these impressions playing in any of a large number of online casinos. Obviously, you will not get the same atmosphere as playing at the Bellagio or Las Vegas Hilton, but some of the online casinos are very fun.

Firstly, I will make a comment that all players already know, but if you want to play a little online real roulette and never think about the rules, this can save you a lot of money. There are two types of roulette wheels on which you can play: American and European; There are aesthetic differences and numbers scattered in different ways, but the most important point is that the American wheel has two zeros.

This means that the advantage of the house: the biggest selection of uk casino sites advantage over the player more than doubled in the American wheel. Now, if you are in a local casino and you have only one type of wheel, you do not have many options if you want to play. But if you play real online roulette, you have a choice, do not play on the American wheel, your chances of winning are much lower.

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In any case, this is what I am looking for when choosing an online casino for playing roulette.

  • I want a large trust company or casino that I can trust for a fair game, and not for an unreliable small business that uses crooked roulette
  • I like to hear the wheel spin: there are some really terrible online casinos that play against the backdrop of a terrible channeling music.
  • I want to try all the free games before gambling
  • If a free game pays too much, I leave it; manipulations with any type of game do not inspire confidence

In fact, my favorite online casino does not use software roulette. This is as close to real online roulette as possible: play at the table in the Irish casino in Dublin. This is a real roulette wheel, man-dealer, and you can see real players betting on the same rotation. This is much slower than regular online roulette because you have to wait for other players or all the usual delays you have, but this is a great experience and I really like it.

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