Poker Top Positions: A Quick Guide For Beginners

Poker positions are crucial in online casino games, such as idn poker. Knowing which positions are in the top will increase your odds of winning. These are more profitable than others so you have to learn about them.

The designations

Positions at a Poker table moves around. The name of each seat depends on the location in relation to the button. The button moves one seat clockwise each hand. Live games have a literal plastic disc to distinguish the button. In online casinos there is a graphic representation for the button.

The top positions

The relation of the seats to the button are what gives them their positions. The seats move as the button moves. There are two tables used in Poker. A short-handed or 6-handed table and a full-ring or 9-handed table.

The blinds

These two positions refer to the big blind or BB and the small blind or SB. There are mandatory blind payments from these positions before the dealing of cards.

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The big blind

This refers to the position two seats to the left of the button. There is a mandatory preflop payment of 1bb and the BB acts last on the preflop. The BB ends up acting first postflop unless it plays against the SB.

The small blind

The SB is to the direct left of the button. There is a lower mandatory preflop payment of 0.5bb that varies per casino. The SB acts second to the last during the preflop before the BB. Players consider this a problematic position. It will always be out of position during postflop and will never get to close the action preflop because of the BB.

Late position

The designation of late position or LP in Poker falls to the button and the cutoff or CO. These are the most profitable positions.

The button

This is the absolute best and most profitable position. The dealer button designates this position. There is no mandatory blind payment for the button. It acts third from the last during preflop. It is in a prime spot to take down blinds uncontested. It gets to act last during postflop but not on the preflop.

The cutoff

The CO is to the right of the button and there is no mandatory blind payment for this one. It acts fourth from the last on the preflop. Although it is a lucrative position, it is not as powerful as the button. The CO gets a guaranteed position on the postflop as long as the button folds.

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