Poker is a game of luck, emotion, nerves and money

To add atmosphere and emotion to the atmosphere, it is important to invest in a set of quality supplies. If you are a fan of poker and the tournaments you want to attend, you know how interesting it is to choose the best accessories and keep abreast of the latest ideas and supply designs.

Call all your friends and poker at home right at night, playing in style

Incorporation Sands 300 Set and enjoy your casino chip and card style. CEME POKER is an intense game that says the opponent says it is crucial if we want to win the jackpot. Bluff opponents and place bets with chips to increase during the game. September 300 Sands Formation is suitable for children over 18 years. This system comes with 2 sets of standard casino cards, 5 acrylic and 300 dice. All these items can be stored safely in an aluminum box. A durable lock ensures that the content remains in place even when you move the device. Enjoy the game with friends, either at home or with them, since you can easily carry this laptop. The box contains separate chip holders for heavy floors, carefully designed for easy access.


A game with attention, attention and attention, a set of games with 300 chips, allows your children to understand the world of fast developing thinking and allows them to place bets with confidence.

We have popular collectibles, including casinos and card game lovers. Some brands of cigarettes, cigarettes, beer and whiskey also use poker chips as marketing and advertising tools. High poker chips and the quality of the brewery were the norm in casinos around the world. Currently, poker chips are usually made of composite plastic or acrylic clay, but they are also made of other available materials. Its main objective is to provide poker players with a simple method to track revenue, but its impact among US collectors. It may be different. Used in clay in the 19th century.

Today, poker chips made of clay are very popular and it is difficult to find collectibles that can reach very high prices. Due to the fragility of the original clay poker chips, they are made of high impact polymer. Clay is also known as professional poker chips, like most casinos that use their own designs and logos. If you are a serious poker player for a local player, you may be using the metal center made up of poker chips. These are strong and heavy floors in which a seal or sticker can be applied. If you are a metal or clay collector, composite poker should not underestimate the importance of poker chip offers. Each kit requires an appropriate case to provide the desired level of security.

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