Pokdeng: All You Need to Know About It

Pok Deng is one of the most popular online card games. It is mostly played while drinking with friends and buddies. If you want to engage yourself in an online gaming lifestyle, you should learn how to Play Game PokDeng Online.  The game is one of the easiest and enjoyable to understand.

What is Pok Deng? 

It is one of the most popular card games in Thailand, also known as Pok Kao. Its main objective is to have a hand that can beat the dealer, while accounting for the pairs, three of a kind, and flushes. It has outstanding playing patterns and can handle two to 17 players, including the dealer. 

How to Play Game PokDeng Online? 

It all gets started with placing the bets.

The dealer shuffles the card and sends two cards to each player if all the bets are placed while the dealer is last. Players can select to stand or draw one more card. The dealer must then compare his hands against some of the players. Before comparing hands with the other players, the dealer can draw an additional card.

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How To Set- Up? 

As mentioned, a wide variety of players from 2 to 17 can accommodate in Pok Deng, although 3-9 would be the optimal number of players. Before beginning, game players need to select the dealer. They can choose to stay for the rest of the game or agree to switch as the game progresses.

Do remember that every game is fast, short and lasts only for a couple of seconds. Players must be prepared to put bets in the form of chips, candy, beverages, or dollars. The game is always against the dealer, not to the other players. The dealer needs to select either the card in the clock or counterclockwise, but each player must obtain two face-down cards, with the remaining cards being the draw pile.

Additional Rules for Pok Deng 

  • Players also have the option of playing a single shared hand, which should remain in the center. Player’s can put their bet on that particular hand. It can be done first or last, and the players who have set a wager can play.
  • The dealer may attempt to turn over one or more face-up hands to ruin his luck. The junk hands must accommodate two normal cards. When the game continues, the dealer may opt to stay or draw a junk hand with a face-up card.

Final verdict 

The Pokdeng rules are similar to the traditional game, but the end outcome is somewhat different. If you are thinking to Play Game Pokdeng Online, above is all you need to know about it.

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