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It is astonishing how much online games have developed over the years. If you have a passion for answering questions related to quizzes and share your knowledge, you would be able to earn money by doing that! Quiz games have caught on big time and are taking the gaming industry by storm.

To be precise, you can play quiz and earn money on GetMega with the help of your skills and knowledge. But note that earning money from quiz games is not that simple. You have to possess the proper general knowledge along with information on a variety of fields.

Also, you would be able to participate on a daily basis which is quite appealing. The prize money would be transferred directly to your account in cash wallets. In simple words, earning money by participating in quiz contests exudes practicality. So with these things in mind, let’s take a glance at some of the top apps where you can play quiz and earn money.


Note that JusPlay is the live trivia game show where you would be asked eleven questions. Note that you will get ten seconds to answer each question. Moreover, you would be allowed to use two lifelines per show. Moreover, if you have a lifeline and you answered wrongly, you be able to stay in the game.

Quite interestingly, you can also invite your friends to earn a lifeline. You can even buy lifeline in the game. Moreover, the prize would be divided equally among the winners at the end of the quiz. You would be able to transfer money straight to your Paytm account, and there is no minimum withdrawal limit. So as you can see, participating in quiz games in JusPlay is quite exciting and fascinating.


If you want to win games and get paid within 24 hours, Winzo is the best app to try. In simple words, money would be credited instantly to your Paytm wallet within a day. Moreover, Winzo has the reputation of being one of the best quiz apps from where you can earn.

You would be provided with a challenge after every hour or half an hour. If you participate in the challenge and answer simple questions, you would be paid. Also, every question will come with four options. You have to choose the correct option to win the contest and earn money.

When you first sign up for the app, you would be asked to choose the topics you want to answer. From sports to films, you would have access to a wide variety of fields. Note that the unique challenges would help you earn more money.

What makes Winzo stand out is its versatility. If you are on the top of the daily leaderboard, you would be able to get 500 INR more. On the other hand, you would earn 250 INR if you are on the second of the leaderboard. Even if you play only once during a challenge, you would comfortably earn 600 INR per month.


Qureka is another app where you can play quiz and earn money. You get ten questions to answer along with three options with each question. Note that the time to answer each question is ten seconds. If you are looking forward to earn money in your free time, Qureka is one of your ideal options.

The total prize money would be distributed equally among all those who answer these ten questions right. What makes Qureka popular is that it provides you with varied payout options. You would be able to opt for bank and Paytm transfer straight from your Qureka account. Also, remember that the top three fastest quiz takers would get an extra 1000 INR.

There is no denying the fact that participating in trivia games is always fun. You would be able to enrich and expand your knowledge to a great degree by participating in the quiz games. But at the same time, it is imperative to download the best apps to win big. You have to also make sure that the apps have got positive reviews from the users. The apps mentioned above are reliable and trustworthy.

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