How and where fan tan to win money?

Fan tan is also one of the card games which is popularly called as sevens. Since it is a game of cards, it needs a whole deck of cards to start the game with. You don’t need a great knowledge on how to bet on this game, as it is one of the easiest betting games. In this article, we are going to learn how to play this game easily online. One of the good sites that is providing this game is ป๊อกเด้งออนไลน์ which you can visit and play for how much ever time you want until you really get bored of.

Want to learn how to play fan tan? We are here to help you learn in a more easy way. They are as follows,

Play Sic Bo online

  • This is one of the card games in which a whole deck of cards is involved. This will contain a common dealer who will deal out the cards and the players. The number of players can vary from two to five or sometimes six. It would be good to play with more than two players as only two player game will not be more exciting and will end very easily. So, it is suggested to play this game with more than two players if playing offline. In online, the maximum number of players will mostly be involved. The first step of the game will start with the dealer dealing the cards for all the players and an equal amount of chips will be present with all the players. The cards dealt to the players may be unequal for few players which will always come to normal after few turns.
  • The player sitting to the left of the dealer will start the game. The game should be started with drawing seven and placing it. If the first player have seven in any of the symbols, then it should be placed in front of the players. A single card will be drawn by each player for every turn. The next player can draw any card that can be lesser or higher than 7 of the specific symbol and if he/she had a seven in another symbol to start with can also be done. If a player has no perfect cards to be drawn for a particular turn, he/she has to give away a single chip into the common pot. The game will go on until there is no card available with any one of the player. The winner will be announced based on the highest number of chips that a player has. If you cannot play anywhere offline and searching for online sites, then playing with เกมป๊อกเด้งออนไลน์ would be a good choice.

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