Casinos Change the Rules of Blackjack

Draw Or Hit

Blackjack players have a lot of options open to them once they receive their initial two cards. First off, they could draw or Hit’. What this means is, if upon getting the initial two cards, the player doesn’t enjoy the total, they can ask for additional cards by hitting or drawing to attempt to better that complete. To accomplish this, the participant would scrape on the sensed surface of this table with their cards. A scratching casino uy tín movement toward them. When the game is played, both cards dealt face up, the player can scratch their index finger at the same motion, towards them. Or they could point to their cards if they want a hit. Players do not manage the cards when they’re dealt face up but leave them as the trader places them.


When a participant is filled with his card and does not wish for extra cards, he can decide to stand by sliding his cards face down, under his wager. In the case where his cards have been dealt face up, he would simply wave his hand palm down, side to side over his cards to signify he’s Standing’ or sitting with his total.

Double Down

Based on the cards he is dealt, a player may choose to double down’. In other words, the participant is allowed to double his initial wager. In such a case, he should draw one additional card to his hand and cannot draw any additional casino uy tín cards upon receiving that card. To double down, the player must turn his hand face up and put the cards before his wager. Then he adds an equivalent amount to his original bet and puts these chips next to that wager so that today there are two equivalent bets side by side. The dealer then deals one additional card to the player faces down, usually slipping that card below the player’s bet. The player may look at that card when he selects.

Splitting A Pair

When a player is dealt two equal value cards such as two 3’s, two 7’s etc., the player can divide these into two separate hands if he so chooses. Incidentally, a combination of 2 face casino uy tín cards like a ten and a jack, or even a queen and a king are also considered a pair of tens. To split a pair, the player turns up the cards, divides them and puts them in the front of his bet.

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