Aside from card games, dice games are also increasing popularity among casino players. Online casinos, like AGEN SBOBET, now offer various dice games for their patrons. Banca Francesa, which means French Bank, is one of the most popular dice games in Portugal. It is a very fast game played with three dice.


Players choose one of the three betting spaces on the table layout and put their wagers. The options are Big, Small, or Aces. The dealer rolls the dice and continues doing so until one of the three betting categories comes up. The bank collects all losing wagers. Players can opt to change or remove bets. That is if the dice are not rolled yet and the bets are not finalized. Once the dealer rolls the dice, there is no changing or removing of the bets on the table layout.


There are three possible bets in this dice game. Those are the Big, Small, and Aces bets. The Big bet is when you predict that the sum of all three dice will be 14, 15, or 16. When you want to bet that the sum of the dice will be 5, 6, or 7,you put your wager on the Small bet. You place an Aces bet when you believe that the sum of the dice is 3. That means each die has one dot, which explains the name Aces. The dealer will roll the dice until one of these results comes up.


In Banca Francesa, there are two ways you can win. If you bet on Big or Small and the results are correct, you win even money. If Aces comes up, everyone loses unless you bet on Aces. If you do, you win 60 to 1. The house edge or casino advantage in Banca Francesa is about 1.6%.

This dice game is a lot like Baccarat and Craps. The difference with Baccarat lies in who rolls the dice. In Baccarat, it is the player who rolls the dice, while it is the dealer who throws the dice in Banca Francesa. There are several various bets you can make in Craps. Banca Francesa only offers three possible bets to choose from.

Playing dice games offers excitement to casino players. It is crucial to keep yourself in control and do not let the thrill get to you too much. Avoid spending more than you can afford so you can enjoy the game more.

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