About the ROI and variance

It is common to have heard these terms if you have played the game. If you are an experienced player you might be knowing in every tournament that a player enter has an EV associated with it? So in case if a person enters a dollar ten tourney as a good player there are higher chances of getting the thirty percent of ROI so the person will make a dollar three increase. It hardly matters whether a person bricks the tourney or win it for like dollar 5000 a person will be making dollar three in the long run.

It is sure that a player will not make dollar three every time in the most of 80-85% time a player will be losing $10 some of the percentage of the time a player will be winning a little bit and a small percentage of the time there is a victory in abundance. No matter how small the percentage that you will be getting is primarily based not on the skill edge but also on the size of the field which considered an extremely important concept that is frequently ignored on the regular basis.

The variance is a factor composed of two things:

  • A player’s edge
  • Size of the field.

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Risk taking in the poker game and full house hand:

Risk taking is certainly not required to be done while playing with a weak hand. The slow bet ensures that a player will get the maximum pot money and it is something to consider and go for at the same time if you have a strong hand or you are confident enough.

The full house hand: In the five community card there is three card with the exact same value and the two community cards have a different value that matches with each other. If any player holds the same hand this will bring the game to a tie situation and in any such case the cards with the highest matching value mostly the three same value card will win the game. example of the same is mentioned here a king of spades, king of hearts, king of diamonds and the remaining two community cards being four of clubs and four of spades. The hand here is known as the full hand and the person with the highest value among the three cards will win the game.

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